My Why

Andraya carson against sex exploitationHi, my name is Andraya Carson-Hruby, you can call me Dray 🙂

I started this company as a way to play my part in contributing towards humanitarian causes. Bag of Change is against cyberbullying, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation and abuse. In our infancy, we have already touched the lives of many women, teens and babies. We have an amazing group of volunteers, and we are grateful for every ‘coin’ we receive, and minute that is spent towards these efforts.

Why does Bag of Change support these causes?

Frankly, it’s personal. These causes strike a nerve with me. I’ve been a victim of cyberbullying. It’s not fun, and mentally tormenting because this type of abuse can happen 24 hours a day, on a global scale- and with very little regulatory bodies available to help. Furthermore, blog and social media platforms offer very little support, claiming ‘freedom of speech’. I’ve set out to support organizations that advocate against cyberbullying, create awareness in the community,  and push for stronger laws in this area.

Another core focus of Bag of Change is to  help the survivors who have been rescued from the horrendous act of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse.  I believe that the human body is the greatest thing in the world. It is what allows our spirit to feel, our emotions to come to life, and our life to be expressed. The body is not an “object”…it is who we are.

Personally, I have not experienced what it is like to be treated like an “item” being sold, resold, raped repeatedly and mentally/physically abused.No one should experience that.  But I have met children, and heard stories, of children who have experienced this. As a new mother, and well, really as a human being, I have compassion and respect for those who have experienced that world, and am dedicated to doing whatever I can to help them.

Last year slave traders made an estimated $32 Billion. That’s more than Nike, Google, and Starbucks, combined. This has got to stop. Please help me in this effort, reach into your pocket, purse, car, couch cushions, wherever- scoop up your bag a change, and let those coins and dollars change someone’s life.

Help me create some change. I’m not asking you to do what you can’t do; I’m asking you to look inside of yourself, find out what you CAN do, and then do it.

Thank you for being a part of Bag of Change.

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