What we’re about…

Bag of Change supports a variety of humanitarian causes.   Basically our core value is freedom, therefore, we are against acts of emotional and physical abuse. Our major focuses are  human trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children, and cyberbullying.

Our name, ‘Bag of Change’,  is a double entendre for a reason: An estimated $10 billion dollars in loose change is sitting in homes and cars across America.  That is approximately $99 of loose change per family. Just think, with your loose coins- your bag of change- you can create change in the lives of these precious individuals.

what we do:

1. We create bags that include items which contribute to the physical, emotional, and spiritual change in the life of it’s recipient.

2. We create community awareness through social media and educational programs.

3. We contribute to underfunded projects and organizations which support our core values.

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